The One Romance

The One Romance
Romantic event planner

Luxury Romance Planners

We help you create personalised romantic experiences – from marriage proposals and dates to wedding anniversaries. Everything we arrange is completely personalised to the couple so you will never have the same proposal/date/anniversary as anyone else.

Some examples of experiences we can arrange are: Romantic Flashmobs, Personalised picnics, intimate or extravagant wedding proposals, helping you shop for a romantic gift, Choreographed wedding dancers, personalised songs with singers, Grooms Speeches….the list is endless.

Services Provided
  • Marriage proposals
  • Romantic Dates
  • Valentines Day
  • Romance Concierge (shopping for Romantic Gifts)
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Romantic Events
  • Grooms Speeches
  • Choreographed wedding Dances
  • Subtle Hint service (hinting to your partner what romantic thing you would like – gift, proposal, holiday etc)

Areas Served
  • UK and International


The One Romance

The One Romance


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